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Changing a Birthdate: Can You Legally Change It?

changing birthdate

One of the most significant parts of one’s life is their date of birth. It can be very difficult to change this, but not impossible! This is a question that many people ask, and the answer is not always clear. In some cases, it may be possible to change your birthdate with the help of a lawyer. However, there are also restrictions on when and how you can do this. It is important to understand your rights and legal options if you want to change your birthdate.

What Are The Valid Reasons to Change a Birthdate?

If you are wondering that you can change your birthdate as you wish, the answer is no, you are not able to modify your birth date. You were born when you were born, and this date is recorded on your birth certificate in order to establish your identity.

Changing your birth date on the official records may be regarded as fraud. The only circumstance in which it is acceptable to correct birth data is if the birth date was recorded incorrectly. If you submitted the incorrect statement, you may lawfully correct the error by submitting the proper paperwork.

How to Change a Birthdate?

changing birthdate

Each state has its own procedures for changing birth certificates. Some states will accept an affidavit with proof of the correct birth date as evidence to change your birth certificate. Some states require a court order. Navigate to the Center for Disease Control’s Vital Records website and look for your state’s regulations. Click on your state’s name, then scroll down to “Birth.” The state Department of Health Services can give you information regarding the status of your exemption.

In most cases, a birth certificate will be updated promptly after the birth of a child without the need for a court order in every state. While each state has its own requirements, most paperwork is generally required to make the change. Parents must produce evidence of the child’s correct birthdate and submit a basic affidavit for children older than four years old. If it was created close to the kid’s birth and comes from an official source such as hospital records, a pediatrician’s record, immunization records, or a baptismal certificate, it is usually accepted.

Changing Month, Day or Year:

To change the month, day, or the year of an adult’s birth certificate, submit an affidavit to your state’s vital records department along with proof of your date of birth. This could be a census record or perhaps a primary school document that displays the year you began attending class.

The document you provide must show the complete date of birth, not just your age. The state department of vital records can assist you in completing the application and determining what documentation you’ll require.

Some jurisdictions demand a court order before changing a birthdate. With the family law court in the county where the birth was registered, you may submit a petition requesting correction of a clerical error. Attach supporting documentation proving the correct birth date as stated in the aforementioned paperwork.

The judge will either accept or reject the modification. If you submit a correction order to the Vital Statistics department, your birth certificate may be updated.

You can celebrate your birthday on any day you choose, as long as you record your legal birth date on your birth certificate. People have been found to fib about their age. You may have any birthday you want as long as you put the correct birth date on official papers.

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