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What is Letters Rogatory? What is the Purpose of It?

letters rogatory

Letters rogatory are documents that are used when individuals who reside in one country want to conduct legal proceedings with a person in another country.

Letters rogatory are sometimes also known as letters of request or letters of attorney. There is no formal process for sending letters rogatory, but the general practice is that they are sent by lawyers on behalf of their clients to courts in other countries.

It’s important to note that there can be an expiration date on these requests and if it expires, the letter will not be honored by the court.” This blog post explains how letters rogatory work and what steps you need to take if you want to send them out yourself.

What is the Purpose of a Letter of Rogatory?

One of the purposes of a letter of Rogatory is to establish procedures for how evidence is gathered and collated in jurisdictions with different rules. A Letter Rogatory (sometimes known as “Letter Rogatoire”) is a formal request, transmitted through diplomatic channels by one government to another, that the latter government gather evidence on behalf of the requesting party.

The letter expresses what type or kinds of documents are sought, along with any other specifics that may be needed. It also requests that this information be retrieved expeditiously because it could have an impact on its outcome. Another purpose of a Letter of Rogatory is to execute the power conferred by the sovereign, in respect of civil actions.

A Letter Rogatory is an act of extrajudicial process obtaining evidence from one jurisdiction for use in another jurisdiction. Such evidences are acquired through mutual co-operation between authorities in different jurisdictions or by means other than normal channels available to enforce judgements.

Can Letters Rogatory Be Used for International Processes?

letters rogatory

Letters rogatory can be used for international processes. They are a request from one judicial system to another judicial system for assistance with obtaining evidence or seeking an opinion on a matter of law.

International rogatory requests are treated as foreign state communications under the rules of international substantive criminal law, which means that the receiving country must recognize and enforce its own criminal laws before they recognize and enforce foreign criminal laws.

This is because rogatories are not intended to supplant domestic procedures but simply to facilitate them or make investigations more effective. Rogatory letters are accepted in jurisdictions around the world, including England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Australia and many other nations where English is not an official language or a common language.

Why do people need letters rogatory?

A rogatory letter is a formal request for cooperation in the criminal investigation and prosecution of an unsolved crime. The requesting state must not have jurisdiction over the person in the requested state, and hence cannot file charges directly there.

In such a case, law enforcement from one country may make a formal request to legal authorities from another country to submit evidence collected for its consideration through diplomatic channels.

The requesting country will typically submit a list of questions they would like answered by rogatory, with assurances that appropriate allowances be made for witness protection or other rights respecting legal protections if necessary.

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