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What is Mobbing? Is It a Crime in the USA?


Mobbing is a crime that is not often talked about. It is an act of extreme violence and abuse on one person by their peers. This can be seen at work, school or even in the family home. The more people involved, the harder it becomes for one to escape or recover from this form of persecution.

In America alone, there are as many as 20 million people who have been victimized by workplace abuse and 10% of those being bullied at work will suffer from depression or anxiety disorders.

Bullying is a serious offense with no age restriction and it’s important to know your rights so you can protect yourself in case of harassment or bullying. This blog post will go over some ways you might recognize if someone is being mobbed as well as some possible solutions they may have access to.

What Is Mobbing?

Mobbing is a form of harassment characterized by being bullied, mobbed, or physically threatened. When severe, mobbing may result in PTSD-like psychological impairment. Mobbing was first introduced into the English language with the use of ‘mob’ meaning people acting as a group to commit an attack on an individual person.

The concept was imported from German where it has legal ramifications – etymologically related to “murder.” Mobbing is typically not an isolated incident but rather repeated over time and takes various forms for instance verbal abuse, controlling social interactions at work or school (“gaslighting”), excessive criticism (also called “nitpicking”), physical intimidation, intrusive questions about private life and/or personal items, etc.

Is “Mobbing” a Crime in the US?


The short answer is no, mobbing (the act of making someone feel like they are constantly under attack) does not currently count as a crime in the United States, but it has been classified as workplace bullying which would typically fall under civil law.

Workplace bullying will often interrupt an employee’s life outside of work. This could lead to psychological conditions such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More than that though workplace bullying can cause physical symptoms such as gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure and heart disease.

And finally, people experiencing mobbing can develop financial problems because their employer may be withholding bonuses or raises while the bully gets rewarded for all their hard work!

What To Do Against Mobbing?

Mobbing in the workplace is not only against the law; it could be personally dangerous. You should consult an attorney to determine if you can protect yourself by seeking legal counsel.

If your employer harasses, intimidates, or punishes you because of your professional performance in ways that constitute illegal work practices, this could, in turn, expose you to potential lawsuits where the victim has standing for protection under federal statutes like Title VII (employment), or other state and local statutes like race or family status discrimination.

Consult an attorney early – valuable information will be lost over time as events may continue to unfold, so take steps right away to protect yourself legally by preserving evidence immediately–even before consulting with an attorney who will know how best to frame a successful case.

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